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    Any recommendations for a good ftp program that runs on WM5? Preferable free but if there are no good free ones, then I'd have to pay. Thanks.
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    A program that is not free but an all-around usefull utility suite is Resco File Explorer. It comes with an FTP plug-in and a must have registry editor (I stay away from the included today plugin because it slows things down). The program can be found here:

    There is a version of Total Commander for Pocket PC that has FTP (I am not sure if it is freeware or shareware).

    Here is a another free (or at least I think it is free) alternative:

    Hope this helped.

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    thank you shrink...wasn't sure if anyone looked at the WM boards . I was leaning towards the resco explorer - just wanted someone's recommendation cause I looked at those other 2, plus some other ones and didn't feel like trying them all. I'll go with resco. I had resco explorer on my palm os treo and it worked well so I know they can write great software.
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    In my opinion you are making the right move. The Resco has a lot to offer and has never given me any trouble.


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