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    The other day in a thread lamenting the shortcomings of the 700w I made the point that tech companies just do not do enough in terms of product design and testing with real-life end users. See message #10 in that thread.

    Well, here is exactly what I'm talking about. I'm subjected to staring at a number of ads for Microsoft's WM5 OS, promising the world in terms of being able to be productive on the road. The most laughable of these ads is the ones suggesting that you can actually download content-rich Word and Excel files, make significant edits to them, save it, and then send it back to the good people at the home office. Anyone who has actually tried to do any of these things in Pocket Excel and Word know what a joke this claim is.

    But the funniest thing I found was this: In all of these ads, they put Microsoft's special website for the Windows Mobile suite, where you can hunker down at your workstation and learn about all the great things you can do with WM5. So I whipped out my trusty WM5-powered Treo 700w, opened PIE, and typed in the address. What I got was a joke. NONE of the links on that website (which are available from a regular PC) worked, and the whole site looked like crap.

    Just another classic example of these stupid tech companies that are in such a hurry and rush to get "cool" software/devices out on the marketplace that they fail to see that they actually work in the first place.

    It's time people stop accepting these flaws as "part of being an early adopter" and hold these companies to a higher standard. BS.
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    And you expected what from Microsoft?

    In fact, Microsoft really changed many non-IT-producer's paradigms to theirs, and that is: Rush a product to production and let the consumers help debug.

    Look at the automotive industry. EVERY make and model (not just American, the Japanese cars have just as many if not more) on a first year body style has TONS of technical bulletins, recalls, even lemons. In fact, I just lemoned my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (first year body style) 10-15 years ago, far fewer, first year body styles generally were pretty trouble free.


    No one in the know will admit this, of course, but because Windows 95 worked. They rushed a piece of crap, bug-riddled OS to the market, people bought it, reported problems and MS released several service packs (free) and finally, Windows 95 Second Edition (not free). What happened? People ran out and bought it. Again. This one had problems as well. A couple service packs later and Windows 98 was out. People ran out and bought it. Again. How many of us upgraded to XP a few years later? I did. And guess what - it has many of the same problems and more. In response, Bill Gates bought another Bentley.

    The only thing worse than Microsoft is no Microsoft.

    In todays cut throat markets, all of them, we're essentially product testers.

    I wish it weren't so - but the economy is good, so who can complain?

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    Cars are much more complicated than a phone. Cars have very few on average tsbs generated within a first model year. Regardless it's a poor comparison. There are far too many differences to make a logical comparison. If a car has 10k parts or x systems and has an average of ten tsbs compare that to how many parts or systems vs. failures are in a Treo.

    In the end, though, I agree. the numerous failures & problems of the Treo are hard to believe, early adopter or not. We wouldn't tolerate a comparable number of failures in a car, an ipod or many other things that are more or less complicated. If I get a new ipod, car, etc I expect it to work as advertised and the company to step up and promptly address issues. Palm/Treo hasn't really done that.
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    It's just amazing. I get the Treo 700w, and it's one thing after another. I get an HP 7410 printer/copier/fax, and once in a blue moon I will actually be able to utilize its wireless capabilities...

    My personal view is that software is the ultimate problem. With all the programmers here in the US and the fact that India/China are spinning out small nations of programmers each year, you'd think they'd be able to come out with some decent stuff.

    Imagine if Apple made a MobileOS and applied it to a PDA of some sort. Hmmm....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdstoll
    Imagine if Apple made a MobileOS and applied it to a PDA of some sort. Hmmm....
    This is either a joke that went way over my head or you aren't too bright

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