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    Hey all -

    Just checking to see what financial managers everyone's using. I tried to install MS Mobile Money and it wouldn't sync so I installed Cash Organizer and it works pretty well - a little overweight though - I just need something very light that I can add debits/deposits into when I'm on the road and sync up when I get home. It also must sync well with MS Money 2005.

    And does anyone make an expense tracker like the older Palm OS's had? Just really a tally sheet? I guess I could use excel...

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    I find that Spb Finance fits my needs. I use it to import Quicken data (there is also an MS Money version) and I have had no problems synching. I tried Pocket Quicken and find the Spb interface easier to use.

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    If you are willing to forego interaction with MS Money (and maybe you are if you are willing to use Excel) then has a clean expense tracker. I use it while travelling. I bought his plugin and everything exports seamlessly to Excel. Reasonably priced at $12 for the program and $4 for the Excel plugin.
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    Oops never mind. Adarian is a POS solution. Didn't notice on the wap version of that this is the 700w forum.

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