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    Anybody come up with a hack to allow Bluetooth ear pieces to work with skype ? I have skype installed and it works great with a hardwired ear piece but doesn't work with my H500 . Seems like there has to be a registry hack or something to get around this ?
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    I don't think anyone has gotten any of the hacks to work on the 700w. Eventually Softick may come out with a solution, but in the meantime you might want to consider getting a dongle such as the Jabra A210.
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    guess I'll have to wait for an enterprising coder to come up with something , and there rest of the fixes like all the things the email lacks . An being able to schedule the evdo connection or turn it off when its not availabe to prevent battery drain etc.
    This is sad , after owning a treo 600 since they came out and skipping the 650 to get a windows based Treo , I am pretty disappointed , my 600 had many more usable features than the 700w .

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