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    Hey all,
    I just wanted to let you know that I just downloaded the new MS Office 2007 beta from the MS website along with OneNote.
    I didn't think that I would find it very useful since I don't have a tablet PC but it comes with a mobile version which syncs up ultra cool with the desktop. It's loaded with features, including voice recording
    & picture to text analysis and export...awesome.
    Its free and worth checking out.

    Post with your remarx!

    P.S. IE7 beta is equally cool and available as well. Finally, tabbed brousing!
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    I rely on OneNote 2003 very heavily. How is the 2007 Beta with regard to stability and data integrity? If I lost my files, I would be in big trouble.
    Also, is there 2-way synch between the desktop and mobile programs, i.e. can I see on the Treo everything that is on my desktop?
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    No Go if your data is essential. 2007 beta will convert your onenote files to a new format and you will not be able to get them back if you switch back to 2003. I am SOOOOOO tempted to try 2007 but it won't sync with a palm unless you use pocketmirror and there is no OneNote for palm.
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    Man..I am big One-Note User...I wish onenote would sync...

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    Hey all,

    I've been working with the beta quite a bit and heres what I can say...

    I also rely heavily on my one note files and I have been doing a lot of syncing back and forth with the new version. I have had flawless data integrity and when you do the initial setup it allows you to choose how the program deals with newly acquired data... auto sync upon connection or prompt.

    I have bee able to flawlessly sync back and forth between the Treo and the Laptop WITHOUT any additional software (no pocket mirror required BenJoeM and swagner)

    That is one of the coolset features, flawless (as flawless can be) integration with WM5!
    Also, I haven't played with it yet but I read somewhere in the online documentation that you can save as the 2003 version for backwards compatibilty.
    I have been SUPER impressed and I think you will be too (not to sound like too much of a MS rah rah) This is their best work yet!

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