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    hi i am new here , i am just learning about my new 700w , i got the unlimited broadband plan. but what does this enable me to do ? can i go on AIM all the time? can i listen to xm radio through windows media player? can i go on internet explorer all the time?

    i am just wondering what the 44 extra bucks gets me

    thanks for all your help
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    You get unlimited data usage for your phone. Verizon will tell you that this is for applications native to the phone. They will also tell you that if you want to use your Treo as a modem for your laptop, you will need to pay an additional 15 bucks a month.

    A program called PDAnet will allow you do that for a one time fee of 30 bucks. Although Verizon doesn't specifically state that you can use PDAnet, many of us do with no problems.
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    You can do all those things with your EVDO plan.

    If you want XM on your 700w, use your phone's browser and go to There's a website I just learned about called I went to this website on my home computer, downloaded the software, and now using my 700p I can wirelessly access audio and videos that are stored on my home computer!! It's awesome. That's what your high speed internet gets you!
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    thanks for your help , i was just worried about streaming radio or going on websites and it taking away minutes
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    Unlimited means unlimited ... well except for what's written in the fine print

    Verizon's terms of use explicitly ban other uses, including streaming media, applications in which the host acts like a server and voice-over-IP. The terms of use language also particularly forbears replacing a wireline connection like DSL with EV-DO.

    Verizon's agreement notes that it can limit throughput and data transferred or cancel an account without notice whenever they think terms are violated or when a legitimate use affects their network adversely. On discussion forums such as, a small number of users have reported being cut off by Verizon Wireless for overusing 3G.
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    so when dialing #777 this will not take minutes off ? or will it ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dinanbbs
    so when dialing #777 this will not take minutes off ? or will it ?
    No it won't

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    data is separate from minutes

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