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    WELCOME TO SUSAN MARTINS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL THE BEST COMPANY FOR YOUR Cell PHONE PURCHASE .place an order today and help advertise us to friends,relatives and business counterparts. We ship international.

    Nokia N91.Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Nokia n92.N93 Nokia N80.
    prices ranging from $130 to $215

    Nokia 6230i,Nokia 6680.Nokia6822.Nokia 9300,
    Nokia 7610,Nokia 6111.Nokia 9500 ,Nokia 8800
    Prices ranging from $110 to $197.

    Motorola v3i,Motorola v3x, Motora v3c motorola i930.Motorola i265 ,motora razor v3 Motorola E815 Motorola i860
    Motorola ROKR E1 Motorola E398,Motorola A1010 PDA SmartPhone.Motorola E680 ,Motorola A1000 ,Motorola V360,Motorola U6 motorola c175, Motorola V80
    prices ranging from $110 to $180

    Sony Ericsson W800i ,sony ericsson w900 .Sony Ericsson Z800i,Sony Ericsson Z520i.Sony Ericsson W550i ,Sony Ericsson K600,Sony Ericsson P800,
    Sony Ericsson K608.Sony Ericsson Z1010,Sony Ericcson K500,Sony Ericsson P910,
    Prices ranging from $115 to $165,

    PalmOne Unlocks Treo 650,Treo 650,Treo 600,
    Treo 700w,
    Prices Ranging From $110 to $130

    Samsung SCH A530 Verizon Wireless.Samsung p207,Samsung SCH-a610,Samsung SGH-D500,Samsung SPH-V.Samsung e316.
    Prices ranging from $100 to $140

    NEXTEL i860 , NEXTEL i930 . Nextel i870,Nextel i830
    prices ranging from $110 to $132.

    SIDEKICK 2 FOR JUST.... $130

    Panasonic X800 VS7 :......$100
    HP iPaq phones.

    contact Mrs Susan Martins
    Tel; 234-80-38585999
    Fax; 234-324385703
    Address; # 20 alane avanue .Ikeja,Lagos,Nigeria
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    Nice spam.
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    From Nigeria none the less.
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    Isn't Susan the widow of former Nigerian Prime Director Ambassador Martins? She contacted me a few weeks ago regarding a financial transaction that she needs assistance with. Perhaps she bankrolled this cell phone startup?
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    I'm already in business with her, and I am making a killing. Susan is a peach. She was really generous with my cut of the fortune. All I had to do was help facilitate the transfer of funds. I'm sorry, I have go to. My new butler requires constant supervision. It really is so difficult to find good help these days!
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    Nice email address, only 42 characters long!

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