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    I am leaving the country, going to Israel, in a couple weeks and have some questions. Is there a way to make sure that the data connection won't automatically turn on? If so do you think I should get a cheap regular phone to bring over there or should I trust that the treo won't connect to the internet thus costing me $.60+ a minute in roaming charges.
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    I would "rent" a phone there personally. It has the potential of being disasterous if you are wrong with yours.
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    Does Israel have CDMA networks? If not, even if your Treo tried to connect to the network, there wouldn't be any network to connect to right?
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    Israel is a CDMA nation with EVDO in Tel Aviv and nearby areas. VZWUser is right - you'll want to rent a local phone to be on the safe side.
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    so do just keep your treo in flight mode...? I just can't live without my contacts and calendar. I might be going to S. Korea this yr.

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