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    Hello - I get my office email on my office computer in Outlook. At home I get my personal email on my laptop in Outlook. On my 700w can I use Outlook to handle both (and appointments, etc.)? Outlook Lite supports multiple identities but I don't believe it's available for Mobile. Thanks.
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    You can coordinate everything but the email on both outlooks in the treo. I use the outlook desktop categories function so I can clearly tell what's home and work.
    Is you home email pop? If so you can have your office email sync to the treo outlook email and add your home email via pop access. The treo outlook email cannot function with more than one email account.
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    Yeah Pocket Outlook is very limited. If you're syncing all your email, you cannot have multiple identities in Pocket Outlook. If you access your mail via POP3 or IMAP, it's as easy as setting up 2 new email accounts in Pocket Outlook - or do as 'littlewaywelt' said and just sync one to the 'Outlook Email' account and access the other via POP/IMAP.

    I'm still hunting for a solution to be able to choose which email address I send from. I have one IMAP account that I get all my mail but if I'm sending an email for business, I want it to come from my business email address and if it's personal, I want it to come from that. There's a program for PPC2003 called SMTP Manager that'll allow you to choose which address to send from. This doesn't work for WM5. I'd like this functionality. Anyone know of a solution (other than creating 2 identical accounts except for the send address)? Thanks.

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