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    I have not performed the update to my treo (as i'm not using Exchange Activesync).. I understand that the update is supposed to keep that data connection live.. But since i will not be performing the update - is there a way i can manually go in and make the phone keep that connection?

    The reason i ask is - sometimes after not receiving an email for about 30 min - i lose that connection.. Then by the time i get my next email - its been an hour since it was sent..
    Any help would be great!
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    You can click and hold on the EV/1X icon until a popup appears then
    click on Settings,
    click on Connections,
    click on Manage existing connections,
    click and hold on Broadband Access,
    click on connect.

    That will keep your connection going until something disconnects it. The problem is that prior to the update the email pull operation disconnects the network after it is done. There is no workaround for that afaikafaikafaik.
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    Why not just set your email accounts to check your mail more often ?

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