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    Can anyone confirm that being in a 1x service area is the culprit for my Treo never getting more than 10 hours of battery life (even with BT and Voice Command turned off and little use during the day)? I am on my second device, use Exchange server (tried limiting the activesync schedule 10 every 30 minutes but made no difference) and can't ever make it through a work day on a full charge. Can anyone confirm the 1x signal area as the reason for this? Thanks.
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    I would have to say yes , I just upgraded this weekend and my treo 700w no longer disconnects after checking email and my house is in a 1X area . The battery lasted roughly 10 hrs with no actual phone use . So I turned off automatic email checking and disconnected the EVDO / 1X connection . However today I am at work with 5 bars of EVDO and the battery is losing about 3% per hour with the email checking every 10 minutes on two accounts .
    Tonight I will try reseting the network ( it was on "home" all day yesterday ) and maybe I can get a solid EVDO signal at home .

    But to answer your question I have to say yes , a 1X connection seems to draw my battery down very fast . Versus on an EVDO connection it looks like I could easily go 20 hours .
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    I'm in a 1x area and getting decent battery life now. I've gotten 2 days out of the phone.

    I have one IMAP email account checking every 30 minutes plus my exchange account synching as items arrive.

    It stays in that "standby" connected state after it checks for new emails

    Right after the upgrade, I had horrible battery life. It's much better now.

    I did two things.

    1. A hard reset.

    2. I went into delivery preferences for my IMAP account and unchecked "connect and check for messages every;". I left the time in there and it still checks messages based on the time in the popup-list, but now it actually disconnects. Before it was checking for new mail every minute or so even with 30 minutes selected.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll try your suggestions.
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    2 Days of battery here. I'm in a 1X area and using 4smartphone and syncing "as arrived".
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    I just started using 4smartphone (sync items when available). During the day, when I have EVDO, the battery barely moves, but at night I have a lot of 1x time and the battery drops like a rock!

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