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    Hello all,

    I had a Treo 650 for a while, was happy with it until I started to use WordToGo (previously used native Word). My 650 kept going into an indefinite loop each time I tried to use Word or Excel files...Today I bought a Treo 700w but couldn't get through the installation process with either my desktop or laptop. The 2 computers couldn't recognize the 700w. The Verizon Customer Service said the 700w was a DOA. Now I am wondering if :

    1) The 700w would recognize the DataViz DocsToGo files on my desktop when I hot-sync them.
    2) The 700w would accept, read and allow writing to the SD card loaded with DataViz DocsToGo files from the 650.

    Thanks for helping.
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    I got a second Treo 700w but still could not get through the installation process. After connecting the cables, the Quick-Start setup says to follow the ActiveSync setup instructions on the computer screen. But the intructions never appeared. The Treo did not get connected. The Verizon tech couldn't help me either. Anyone else had this problem? Please help.

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