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    I've just purchased my Treo 700W and set up my POP email. Although I can receive, I cannot send email. I receive this error message: "messages cannot be downloaded to your mobile device. Make sure you are connected and that your email settings are correct. Then try downloading messages again." I have checked the authentication button as suggested and Comcast does not know why it will not work. Any suggestions?
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    I use Comcast email on my Treo 700w. It works fine (send and receive)... however if I remember correctly, you must configure the "sending" of email separately, that is to say that your password must be entered for BOTH receiving and sending. I really don't remember this very well, but it's something like that!

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    A lot of ISPs block access to their SMTP servers from ips outside their domain. This is to block spammers from mass mailing from outside the network.

    The workaround is to use Verizon's smtp servers. . You must use different settings for outgoing mail. Username is your (10digitcell#) . You must setup a VTEXT ACCOUNT at The password you setup there will be the same as you put in your phone as the outgoing smtp password.

    If it doesn't work Call Verizons Data Tech Support (DTS)

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    Thanks so much. I'll try that.
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    yeah just go into the advanced settings and configure the outgoing mail settings separately... it'll work for you
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    Please merge this with the other "can't send email" thread that was started at the same time. Perhaps this should be a FAQ since it is asked multiple times for all VZW devices.

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