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    Now that the P is out, I figured there should be some new news.
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    Sprint is saying that they will release it at the end of July...I called 611 and they confirmed it. However, I can't find anyone else saying the same....??
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    There are conflicting rumors. Some say end of July, others say towards the end of the year.

    Who knows at this point. If Sprint's 700W is identical to Verizon's, I'm skipping it and waiting for the next Treo they will release; whenever that is.
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    Just to add to the rumors. I stopped by my local Sprint store, and the clerk said they were NOT getting the 700W afterall. They had been told that they were, and supposedly the decision was changed.
    He may be completely wrong or confused, but he seemed knowledgeable about other issues/phones that we spoke about.
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    It would be smart if they didn't release it. Its not worth releasing a phone with the specs that the 700W has unless they modify it and rename it to something like the 750W.

    Plus, the new revision to EV-DO is not too far away, so they can just save their WM Treo for then.

    Who knows, we'll find out soon.
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    I'm actually waiting to see what WM Treo Cingular is supposed to be getting this Fall. If the rumors are true (no antenae bulb, wifi, more RAM), I'd be happy to wait, but if nothing comes of it, or if it's just the 700W (GSM), I have a friend's 700W I could buy now and just sign on with Verizon for a year.
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    I wish SOMEONE FROM SPRINTS MAIN OFFICE will let us all know something !!!!!!!
    Please ........

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