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    I want to try this 700w to get a complete synchronization with my desktop. Unfortunately, the email has been nighmarish from day 1.

    I run an IMAP server which I can synch with the Treo 650 using Snappermail client. It works like a charm.

    Now with Verizon, first I can get Outlook Pocket PC to receive email. I called support so many times. No one can figure out why it did not work on my device. Then suddendly, it started working on its own.

    The problem now is sending email. Again, I set up the way I was told by both technical support and online manual from Verizon. But it doesn't work.

    For the life of me, I don't understand why it should not work. Does anyne have a similar problem running third party IMAP server?
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    There's a good chance your IMAP server won't allow you to send email from a third party network (common anti-SPAM measure) - have you used that IMAP account from other providers' networks before (and not some web-access email program)? Have you looked at the Port settings in your Snappermail setup (a common fix for this)?
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    I don't think our Spam filter did that. I was using the Treo 650 with Snappermail and experienced no problem in sending out email.

    It's the Verizon that is not working for me on the new Tro 700w

    I can't think of a reason why it is not sending out.
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    Have you thought about using a hosted Exchange solution? It would keep everything synched and with no headaches.
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