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    Has anyone ever seen this? I open pocket IE, enter a url, about 2 seconds later IE disappears without a trace. I re-open it, same behavior.

    Only a hard reset fixed it.
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    I have an issue when i'm listening to mp3's w/ WMP and am browsing the web at the same time. If I switch to media player to change the volume or something usually by time I try to swich back to PIE it has already shut down. I just attribute this to the lack of memory and deal with it, although it sucks. Any advice is welcomed.
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    Welcome to the club - I have it also. Another Microsoft or Palm "feature" to compensate for the lack of memory. Try and trim down any background stuff that may be eating memory (like voice commander, today plug-ins you don't need, ect). Programs like Skype and Agile Messenger were also killers on my Treo. I actually uninstalled them which somehow seemed to reduce the frequency of those magic IE closings. When it starts to happen again I run a program like MemMaid which helps flush out some garbage, old registry entries and then I do a soft reset which also seems to help. Do a search in this a some of the other forums, as others have come up with a few band-aid fixes. Keep your fingers crossed that it is better addressed in the next Treo update

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    mine reached a new low....when i went to open some photos attached to an email, after closing the photo, i had to re-open 'messaging' :-\

    why the ____ can't we display photos inline? Even the Sidekick does this. i mean, an email with 5 photos becomes a pain to view since the keypattern is:

    Messaging >> Scroll to Email >> Open Email >> Click 'Show Attachments' >> Click on the one I want to view

    Do that 5 times, and you're ready to throw your treo out the window (okay, at least i was).

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