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    I tried doing a search on this particular SDIO card but I couldn't find anything. Will the P10952U Wifi SD Card made by palm work with the Treo 700w??? Follow this link to for the exact product I am looking at.

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    I have that and I wouldn't recommend it. Had a few issues with it. I have to occasionally hard reset for it to be recognized and when it does work it seems to use up all resources and causes your apps to not perform consistently. For example if I use slingplayer over wifi using this card the audio stutters.
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    Can someone please recommend a good SDIO Wifi Card that will work efficiently with the 700w?
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    a good card would either be the Spectec one or the Socket Go WiFI. I havn't had time to post a review for the spectec one but heres the socketcom one. both are very good.

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    So i guess Socket is the way to go? Can you recommend a good site to order from...hopefully with the cheapest prices.
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    Maybe not cheapest but definitely a good site
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    palm wifi works much better than the socket. socket e300 is extremely buggy and i have trouble connect WPA and WEP. no encryption works fine. i would like to test the spectec one.

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