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    I've been searching for a piece of software that would enable my business and customers to view WordPerfect documents from their Windows Mobile 5 PDA/Cell Phones, such as the new Treo 700w. Most of them are attorneys and prefer using WordPerfect over MS Word.

    I found one other forum that makes this type of software, but runs on Palm and not Windows Mobile 5.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.

    Rigo Hernandez
    CMP Consulting Services.
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    I don't know of any software that supports WordPerfect format and I don't believe there are any. However, a workaround would be to use StyleTap (palm emulator) and use the Palm software that you know supports it.
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    I work for a law firm and this would help a ton. I still can't get over that no one has wrote something that does this. Please someone I will buy it!!

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