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    Is it possible to change the functionality of the Treo 700w volume up/down buttons? For instance, it would be great if these buttons could be use to scroll up and down webpages and to the bottom of a screen that is larger than the standard screen size.


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    Hear hear!!! Why I need two dedicated buttons for volume is way beyond me. In fact, why the heck can't I map any key to whatever function that I want???

    I would use my volume buttons for scrolling in a second if it was allowed...
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    Debo -

    So you know for a fact that this functionality is not available? I am sure there is a hardware hack out there somewhere ... must ... find ... will post if/when I find and please do the same.


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    I used to use an app on my HP6515 and haven't gotten my 700w yet to try it, but it was something like Vito System Tools, it had a button mapper in it, I don't know if it will work, but it did at the time. Check it out, if not, I will let you know when I get my 700w, I need to remap those buttons to make it easier to read books!
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    I started a thread in the WM5 apps forum about a button reassigner. This program may do the trick (their webpage claims it will reassign volume buttons):


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