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    Ok, decided to post it here because the 700W has obviously been out longer. So you 700W owners with Vaja T77 cases, is there any "wiggle room" at all when the Treo is in the T77? I'd like to take one of those silicon skin cases that cover the 5-way and the application keys and cut out that part of the silicon skin to use with the Treo while it's in the T77, so that I have my most used keys protected.

    Will this work at all or will nothing BUT the Treo itself fit in the T77?

    The area boxed in red in this picture is what I would cut from the skin case. I would then just slip it on the Treo then put the Treo in the T77.

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    I have the T77 (but no Treo 700w anymore), and I can tell you it's a pretty tight fit. The unremovable flap provides full protection of the front (screen, keypad, and keyboard), so what would you need the protective skin for?

    I can tell you from my experience with the Speck silicon case, that the added layer on top of those buttons made it difficult to press the proper directional keys, and sometimes pressed the center button instead, and vice versa. Perhaps it was a defect or slight shifting of the silicon layer (which can happen quite easily), so I figured it's best to just leave the keys exposed for direct contact.
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    I'm already using the JavoSkin pictured above and have no problems using the keys that it protects. I want to protect those keys because I work at a place where my hands get all dirty and grimey.

    Just thought that there was some extra room because I've seen posts where people complained that their treos would slide out of the case easily and accidentally since the top is open.
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