Hi folks,

Hoping someone here has had some experience with the Altina Mouse GPS and the Treo 700w. I purchased this GPS unit and the adapter for my Treo 650, and it worked great. Now that I've upgraded to the 700w, I'd like to use the unit with my new handheld. According the the vendor from whom I've purchased the GPS, this should be possible, however, I have not had any luck. I'm sure I've got the GPS control panel on Windows Mobile all fouled up... so if anyone out there has figured out how to make the GPS work, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, the answer to the first question you ask -- yes, I am using a mapping software system on my handheld -- I have tried both MS Streets and Trips for handheld and the Navizon free package. (I want to get the GPS to work so I can upload local cell tower data to help build the Navizon DB.)

Answer to second question -- No, I couldn't find any drivers on the Altina website... but it's my understanding that WM5 doesn't need a driver -- the GPS control panel is supposed to take care of the interfacing.

Thanks in advance!