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    If I use the wired ear piece and microphone with my Treo, I can listen to Windows Media player and Audible books.

    Can the same thing be done with a Bluetooth headset?
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    Not with the built-in bluetooth, but you can get an adapter such as the Jabra A210 to do what you want. I use it and it works great. However, I wouldn't suggest listening to music this way since the headset bt profile is designed mainly for voice. I use it to listen to TV during my commute via slingplayer.
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    That makes sense hannip because you can also have it plugged up to the car adapter to preserve battery life. Slingplayer+BT=rapid decline in battery. I listen to TV and Audible books through my car stereo (cassette adapter) instead.
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    Yep, using the A210 really saves the Treo's battery life, plus I can use the A210 for several days before I need to recharge it.

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