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    Hi I travel a lot to Mexico and when I am over there if I want to dial a local number I just dialed directly with no area codes my problem is that in my contacts lets say I am Mexico and I want to called my office in the states I woud have to dial 001 area code + number in the 650 it would allowed to edit the number being dialed but I cant do it in the 700 and is very bothersome for numbers that I dont dialed frequently I have to look in contacts write it down an then dialed with the prefix, I tried seaching and I also look for a sofware that would help but I found nothing if somebody could help I would greatly appereciated. This is my first post but I am an avid reader.

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    Does the Speed dial options not provide this functionality? I know there are a few options there.
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    Thanks for the reply but in the speed dial options I would need to put the same contact twice one for when I am dialing from mexico and one where I am dialing from the states, I hope someone that travels abroad could help me.

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    I have found that putting my European phone numbers in as +41-22-123-4567 allows me to dial straight from my Treo without all the '011' nonsense while I am in the U.S.

    When I am in Europe though the strategy is spotty. I haven't figured it out fully yet.

    Some places like the U.K. have leading zeros on the city codes that you drop if outside the country but add if you're inside the country (or is it the other way around?)...

    So the short answer is that there may be some sort of solution here for your Mexican phone numbers but why don't you experiment with it? I don't think it hurts to dial the country code while you're in the country.
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    I have been trying all different types of combinations to no avai like +52 818 3333333 and other but it doesnt work right know I am in Mexico I will tried this when I am back in the states, in the 650 there is an option when dialing a contact to edit it in the dialing pad so I just added the area code like 001 but here it doesnt allow, Thanks for your replies hope somebody else could have an answer.
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    That is why it may be a good idea to store all numbers with the international dialing code i.e. +XXX XXX XXXX XXXX or whatever but with the "+"

    If you store numbers in this format, there should be no problem dialling local numbers, and no, it will NOT be treated as a long-distance call. Also your CallerID should function properly. Just try it.
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