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    Read through here and heard such great things about it... but then i got one and like... idk... just don't understand why any of you like it...

    9/10 calls have hardcore static, despite having full bars on my phone.

    Even when there is no static, the quality isn't nice.

    I asked a couple of my buddies how I sounded to them and they said they could hear me, but I sounded "distant" and they felt like they needed to yell so I could hear them.


    I was really hoping to find a different headset, but from the reviews, this one is suppose to be the best for the 700w... idk, i guess mine is maybe bad... I'm going to test a couple of my friends' out and see how they are, then exchange or return mine, not sure.

    Anyone else know anything about the GN6210 ? It's not as tiny, but it certainly looks like it'd pick up my voice well and sound nice.
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    Thats weird, I'm guessing that you just got a lemon. I tried my friends JX10 on my Treo 700w and I loved it. Hope all goes well.
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    I've been using the JX10 for a few months and have been very happy with it. Try deleting it from the phone and pairing it again, or exchanging it for another of the same model. You may just have got a dud.
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    I got my first one from Best was scratched, performed poorly and seemed repacked, even though it was "sealed." Got a second from iambic store...plastic covered to avoid scratches, came with an extra ear clip, neatly packaged and worked flawlessly.

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