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    Sorry for being the jerk who's double-posting, but I feel as though far more people read this board than the WM Apps and since I didn't get an answer down there, I figured I would try again.

    Does anybody know of a hardwired GPS solution for our 700w? Ever since they announced our phone, I had planned to buy a Seidio G4850 to accompany it, however Seidio has informed me that they have no plans to make the model for the 700w. I know I could use the G4500 with a bluetooth GPS receiver, but I want an integrated package so I don't have as many wires everywhere (assuming I charge the GPS receiver from the dock) nor do I want the occasional fickleness of bluetooth (call me old fashioned, but I've had problems with bluetooth in the past and I want something that plugs in and works). I also loved the G4850's feature of being able to be wired into the car stereo for music/directions/handsfree.

    I know Arkon was manufacturing a similar unit, but I haven't heard of anybody who got it to work and the company has since discontinued it's Treo dock w/ integrated GPS line. Has anybody heard of any similar companies manufacturing these units or any plans for manufacturing an integrated dock for a car?
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    I know it doesn't eliminate the wires, but the Seidio G4500 also takes an RJ-11 connection so you wouldn't have to deal with the bluetooth problem. But, it does add even more wires.


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