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    Twice so far, I'll answer a call, and realize my ear volume is around midpoint.
    I set it one below max...what makes it change on it's own? Very annoying.
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    Is something accidently hitting the button?
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    Don't think so...keylock is on, and I don't think I'm grabbing a button when I pull it out of my pocket to answer. Anyone else experience unaccounted for changes in volume levels?
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    Today again...made a call, and the ear volume was one above minimum. Anyone else see volume changes like this? May occur when removing the SD card, but I'll have to check this.
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    Actually mine does this all the time. I just thought I was hitting the button somehow.
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    can you relate it to anything specific? No other volume settings seem to change...just the earpiece. I'm going to play with the SD card, and see if removing or inserting that cause the volume change.
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    not influenced by inserting or removing the SD card

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