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    Can you guys recommend a good (hopefully free) Weight Watchers points counter for a WM device?
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    Seems a spreadsheet will do just fine.

    Tho, if ya willing to give up the points, and rely on the ole caloroes thing, I highl;y recommend this program for tracking plain ole calories / grams of carbs / protein / fats / sat. fats as well as exercise.
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    yeah thanks, its for my fiance, not me. Ive got a NICE program for my T650 that I use in the gym quite a bit.

    She doesnt wanna set up an excel doc just for this plus she wants to know point values. So if shes in a grocery store or a restaraunt shell know the point value instead of having to break out her slide rule.

    Thanks for the idea tho!
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    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    Must subscribe to get Calc. Only for Palm. Works great with StyleTap on 700W.

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