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    I have sent and received many pics using the MMS feature and never had any problems untill the other day.....prior to the palm update mms worked it wont send at all.........i set up the mms, add the number from my contacts, add the picture, add the subject and text, and send connects and starts to send and gets to 100% then i get an error message right away that pops up and states that the send failed due to invalid destination address......i have sent to multiple numbers including myself and keep getting the error....i spoke with verizon and they said its palms problem to resolve and then palm says its a verizon issue in which i already knew as this problem has to lie in the network and not a 700 problem.......any ideas on what might be causeing this????? thanks
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    happened to me the other day but it would get stuck at 10% and then not send...after several forced attempts to send it went through
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    mine has worked fine after the update. I updated the day the first time the update came out. Did you just apply the update or did you do a hard reset, then update? I hard rests, updated and installed all my stuff from scratch. Maybe try a backup with sprite, save the backup and hard reset... see if mms works then.

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