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    Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if anyone else if having problems with retrieving their Gmail emails lately. By problems, I mean that from Messaging, Gmail will send emails properly (I've tested it), but it's failing to receive any new incoming messages. My inbox is empty, despite the fact that if I log on to through IE, there are plenty of new messages in that inbox.

    Has anyone else been experiencing this, or had in the past? Thanks!
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    Did you activate POP protocol? (at gmail)
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    I'm going to look like a complete ***** here. For the first month or so it was working fine. Now, after checking the POP settings on, i did not have POP-enabled. I suppose somehow that setting was reverted.

    Thanks for the help. Now I just feel like a complete *****. I should be forced to give up my 700w. Haha!

    Thanks again!

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