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    Well so says Strategy Analytics

    Boston -- Strategy Analytics, the global research and consulting company, today released, "Nokia 9300 Best New Converged Device in USA Beating Blackberry 8700c, Palm Treo 700w and Cingular 8125," its latest converged device benchmark report. These results come from over 70 hours of hands-on consumer testing by the Strategy Analytics Advanced Wireless (AWL) Panel.

    Strong user ratings for the feature applications, menu/user interface and input of the Nokia 9300 gave it the edge over its competitors, including a 7 point advantage over the Windows Mobile based devices for application usability. However the 9300 was the lowest rated device for perceived style appeal. As found in previous AWL testing, participants who were unfamiliar with a Blackberry struggled with the steep out-of-the-box learning curve of the 8700c.

    "The Nokia 9300 excelled in the ease of use of its applications, as well as having the most user-friendly menu and simplest means of input," commented Paul Brown, a Wireless Analyst at Strategy Analytics. "Having a large keyboard is a clear advantage of the 9300 - but this detracts from its style appeal, with the consumer still favoring a small and compact device." The Treo 700w was rated the most stylish device.

    "The release of the Motorola Q has been much anticipated," added David Kerr, Director of the Global Wireless Practice at Strategy Analytics. "The Q is another stylish iconic design from Motorola, but the question remains whether it can match the performance of the Nokia 9300 and the still wildly popular Treo."

    Other key findings from this usability benchmark report include:

    * Palm Treo 700W was rated highest for style and design

    * Cingular 8125 placed second for ease of input, applications utility and menu/user interface behind the Nokia 9300.
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    The 9300 probably is better until you start adding third party software and start syncing with exchange.

    After that, all bets are off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 155
    The 9300 probably is better until you start adding third party software and start syncing with exchange.

    After that, all bets are off.

    The 9300 can have BB Connect built in. There goes you Exchange sync theory. (Unless, of course, your company doesn't support Blackberries.)
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    Blackberry connect doesn't work for everyone. They have to install it on your server. If it's hosted you'll be paying an extra fee and if it your server you'll be paying a lot more extra.

    At this host Blackberry costs $39.95 to activate and then 9.95 per month.

    At this host Blackberry costs $49.95 to activate and then 9.95 per month.

    The Windows Mobile Devices will work with exchange out of the box and doesn't cost anything above what you're paying for exchange.

    Add to that the superior software availabilty for Windows Mobile and it's clearly superior.
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    My wife is wanting the 9300 and its looks like a decent device. You can use Roadsync to sync with Exchange server over the air, but you have to buy that separately.
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    I wish they include the SideKick II in the equation as it's a pretty great business tool. only thing is that it's marketed too much for kids..

    heck I think the T-mobile sidekick II is alot more intuitive than the Treo 700w.

    It's faster, ROCK SOLID, very usable. make better use of screen space.

    but the thing is with the 700W is the software availability. and general purpose use of the 700w.

    no not sure about the nokia 9300. but with the SKII is a closed platform with no 3rd party support and T-mofo want to milk you for every little thing..

    Every little crap you have to get is from T-mofo and u can't add it yourself.
    Want new ringtones? it's $1.99
    Want extra programs? it's $5.99

    With the 700W I can get all these freeware programs off the net and installed those that I bought elsewhere. Heck it even support MID,WAV,MP3 ring tones.. sweet.

    All the ringtones that is available for the SKII are for kids and annoying hip hop voices (no offense intended). As soon as I got my treo I loaded my own ring tone and it didn't cost me a cent. (ahh my A-Team intro theme song

    not sure about the Nokia but the SKII have AWESOME push email and Instant messenger clients. I'm REALLY going to miss that.

    the 700W "push" email is more like "check for email every 15 minutes).. push email my ***.. and no I do not have or want to run my own exchange server or leave my home pc on 24/7.

    Ohh did I mention that on average I need to reset my treo 2 times a day just for "piece of mind"?
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    Too bad they had to test a stock 8125. Summiter's widely available cooked AKU2 ROM w/A2DP, smartskey and overclocking would've put it over the top for sure.
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    <cringes at the thought of having to open and shut that thing when using the keyboard>
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    Yeah, I gotta say, that's one ugly phone. My friend has it and I didnt even wanna use it. Phone is flat out unattractive.

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