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    Has anyone found a replacement for Vindigo that works on the Treo 700w.

    I had Vindigo for the 650 and it was great. I tried it on the 700w and
    it does not work. The manufacturer said they will notify me when the
    700w is supported.

    The big features of vindigo that I used were:

    Restaurant Guide
    Movie Guide w/showtimes
    Maps / directions

    It would be nice if it could use the GPS on the 700w to determine my position.

    I tried Brand-n-go as mentioned on the front page of today,
    but it wouldn't install on the 700w. Handmark's PocketExpress doesn't have
    a restaurant section.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I like Pocket Express ( I don't think it has a restaurant guide though, but the other features.
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    I second this OP inquiry! My co. is forcing me to go W next week (from TMo 650). Vindigo is one of the major programs I'll miss sorely (along with keycaps and KB LightsOff). Vindigo's response to my W inquiry was: don't hold your breath. I might sneak over to the P if at all possible.
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    Handmark who produces Pocket Express also promotes Zagot which will give you a complete eating and entertainment guide for all major cities cities. Using both programs one can find a destination and map their way to it. It works wireless as well. Another alternative would be to pickup a Garmin Nuvi which I find as valuable as myTreo.
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    Any news on Vindigo supporting WM5...I was hounding them from 10/05 when I got my 6700, but kind of gave up several months ago...That is by far the program I miss the most since going to WM5! I can't believe with all the devices now running WM5, they aren't yet supporting it. Vindigo was the most purchased program for Palm OS when the Treo 300 was out...I would think they would make plenty of money off WM5 users!

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