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    Somehow, I lost the shortcuts to a couple of applications including Solitare. The only way to access it that I can find is the use file explorer and dig in the windows directory.

    How can I add a shortcut to applications? Seems like this would be simple but maybe I'm missing something obvious?
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    You've tried a soft reset? Tried Sprite Backup/Hard Reset/Sprite Restore (a 15 minute or less process).

    This has been known to happen if you use Voice Command, Spb Pocket Plus, and other resource hogs.
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    I've tried that. Didn't work.
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    File Explore your way to the \Windows directory, find the program you want a shortcut for, Menu --> Edit --> Copy, navigate to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games, Menu --> Edit --> Paste Shortcut. Repeat as required. Use the \Programs menu for non-games.

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