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    I recently switched over to active sync after upgrading to the new firmware on the treo700. Prior to the switch I was using the Verizon wireless sync software and was able to sync tasks. Now I cannot sync tasks--there is no option for tasks in the active sync software on the Treo.

    Does active sync not support tasks?


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    Did you select to sync tasks in Active Sync?
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    That's strange. I was also using Wireless Sync and after the update I went back to ActiveSync. I do sync my tasks and it works just fine.

    Did you select it like littlewaywelt mentioned? is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    Sorry--I didnt mention that Im syncing with an Exchange server. When I go to Menu-->Options in the Active Sync application on the Treo the only options available are Contacts, Calendar, and Email--no tasks.
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    It appears that you're out of luck. From Microsoft Technet:
    Q. What types of data can be synchronized using Exchange ActiveSync?
    Exchange ActiveSync enables you to synchronize your e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts lists in your Exchange Server 2003 mailbox with a Microsoft Windows Mobile–based device.
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    Ah, exchange server...I'm not using that and it looks like tangible found your answer. Thanks because I didn't know that you COULDN'T sync your tasks. That kind of blows out one of the reasons I wanted to switch our work email to an exhange server. Oh well. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    i am syncing with an exchange server and i can sync tasks. maybe your server isn't set up to allow task sync?
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    True. I am set up on an exchange server as well. If you go to the ActiveSync on the palm. Then go Menu > Configure Server you can navigate to the screen where it asks for your exchange username and pass. If you select advanced button, you can select tasks to be synced via exchange server.
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    I only see email contacts and calendar. Do I have to ask IT to set up something on the server to sync tasks?

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    tasks can be sync'd with exchange server. there are at least 5 of us in my company that use WM5 devices that sync. I couldn't imagine why that option wouldn't show up for you.
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    talk to your IT peeps
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    From what I've read you need to have Exchange Server 2003 SP2, that will allow Tasks over Exchange Active Sync. I'm in the same boat, we are useing Exchange 2003, but not SP2, so I sync tasks when I cable.
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    eddie is right, you need to install SP2 for it. Also, if your IT dept wants to get RC2 for 2k3, then they can use the MSFP which is VERY cool AND handy.

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