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    I suspect this topic has been discussed, but couldn't find this info.

    I like the default Today screen as it is with one exception and that is a quicker way to launch favorite programs. The default Start drop down is very limited in what programs you can add to it. And some things that I don't use (the game folder) cannot be deleted in order to add an icon I do use. To launch other programs, I have to use start, programs, etc... and this can be a pain. Is there a Today plugin that allows you to add icons to quickly launch programs and not loose the look and options of the default Today screen.

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    I use SPB Pocket Plus to put icons of my most launched items right on the front screen. I like it.
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    Do a search in this area and the WM Apps area on "launcher". There are a lot of them available. You'll also find some references under "Task Manager" also.

    You might want to bring up and and search using the same terms.

    I've registered several including Pocket Plus, iLauncher, and HandyLauncher. I'm currently satisfied with Wisbar Lite.

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