I really dont know where to put this thread, so if it needs to be moved, the mods can do it for me. Since the demise of my 650, my pup destroyed it I went to a dell x51 and I really like the ms os. I am now looking for a converged device and I thought I was ready to buy the 8125 from cingular because of the larger screen size, but i have been reading lately that people are kind of frustrated by having to pop out the keyboard. I never thought that would be a problem but I guess they (customers of the 8125) have had a long term experience on the keyboard that I do not have. So I have come to conclusion, until the 3G Hermes comes out for Cingular that I want to go for either the HP iPaq 6925 or the 700w if it ever comes out for GSM---any thoughts or advice? thanks!