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    Ever since I did the update, my PIE keeps closing on my whenever I open it up. At least 50% of the time, and it even sometimes happens after soft resets. This is really blowing my mind and pissing me off. Has anyone who has experienced this figured out why it happens and how to make it stop?

    PS, are they going to come out with a fix/update for the update?
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    I'm assuming you don't have your PIE cache going to your SD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stozmon
    I'm assuming you don't have your PIE cache going to your SD.
    Where is the setting to send the cAche to the card?
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    My cache is on SD and it still happens.
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    I do have my cache going to my SD card already. Still have the problem.
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    The update seems to have caused the OS to more aggressively close background apps to keep the device from running out of memory... I too have found PIE (or IEM as I think its now called) to close much more often.... a memory upgrade (if/when PPCTechs comes out with one) will fix this issue... I don't believe it has anything to do with cache (like it could of with WM2003) as WM5 has separated Program memory from Storage memory.
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    Search the forums, friends. There is another thread on this exact topic with a verification from Palm that the threshold for closing apps automatically was raised from 2MB to 5MB of free memory. Yes, IE will close a lot more now, period.
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    I think we're talking about two different reasons for closing. Unfortunately, many are experiencing both.

    Scenario 1: You're surfing to a particular page in IE and you watch it rendering the page as it loads, then it automatically shuts down on you. Cause: corruption in the cache. Resolution: clear cache (cookies and history optional), then soft reset, if you feel like it.

    Scenario 2: You're using NewsBreak, Agile Messenger, or any other application, and you click on a hyperlink. IE then opens and renders the page properly. You click OK or switch back to the original program, then after a minute or so, you decide to go back to IE. But when you click IE, it's as if it never opened and it renders your home page from scratch - no sign of the last page you were just viewing. Cause: not enough memory. Resolution: there hardly is one. You can make sure that Voice Command is disabled (sitting inactive in memory takes up to 1MB), close other background applications, Today plug-ins, background images, basically anything that makes your device fun, and IE may - repeat, may - stay open. Hopefully PPCTechs will come up with a 64MB solution soon.
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    Actually, what usually happens is that I just open IE on the main Palm page and it shuts down as soon as it starts to download the data. Nothing fancy...just Palm's own home page. That's what makes me wonder what is causing the problem. As I mentioned, I sometimes have this happen even after a soft reset when my memory is back in the low teens, so the whole 5MB issue shouldn't even come into play.

    That update they released was such a dud. How can they launch that with so much fanfare and then pull it off a few days later and say nothing about it since. Bull****.
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    I don't think this is a Palm problem, as I have had this exact issue on my 6700. I would open up PIE, and start surfing, then BAM it would close, no questions asked. I tried soft resets, clearing cache, you name it. The only thing that 'fixed' it was a hard reset.

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