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    I recently bought a song off of Musicmatch in WMA format. I sent it to my phone so that I could play it. When I open it, it wants to download a license. I say OK, and it takes FOREVER then says that there was a problem downloading. Any advice on getting DRM songs to play correctly? Does it matter it I have them on the on board mem or the SD card?
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    hmm, I never tried to download DRM songs directly to my phone, Have you tried downloading it to your pc and letting WMP sync it to your device? Does the song play ok on your pc?

    One thing I found out recently is that DRM has different types of licenses. One for downloading to your pc and one for syncing to your device. Songs that have a license to download to your pc may or may not have a license to sync to your device. Also some subscription music sites charge you an additional fee to sync to devices. Even if you pay this extra fee you will not be able to sync songs that don't have the sync license.

    Having said all that, if you have bought a song you should be able to download it and sync.

    It doesn't matter if they are on board mem or SD card btw.
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    THanks, I didn't try to sync it via WMP. The song does play on my pc just fine. Stupid DRM bs. They end up making things more difficult than helping the situation. Thanks for the info. I will let you know how syncing it works.
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    It doesn't work for me
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    I use MusicMatch (paid version) and I connected my Treo. It immediately recognized the device and let me sync it. Carried the DRM over and plays perfectly on WMP in the Treo. Thanks!

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