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    I am having a problem with a Treo 700w and Exchange Activesync that I have not seen on these (or other boards). My company has two individuals using T700ws that have been syncing fine with our Exchange 2003 SP2 server for several months (the units were using timed sync (e.g., every 15 minutes) and connected to our Exchange server over SSL (a signed Verisign certificate)).

    When the Verizon MSFP update became available, we installed it, apparently successfully, on one of the units. This appeared to work fine for a short time. However, after anywhere from about 12 to about 36 hours, the device loses its ability to sync (both with timed or "push" syncing). When you click on the "Attention Required" link on the ActiveSync screen, it indicates that the sync has failed with error code:

    0x85030027 -- The Exchange Server requires certificates to log on. Connect your device to your PC on the corporate network to obtain a certificate.

    FYI - even after this failure, you can still connect to our OWA page from the device.

    I have tried to export the Verisign public cert and install it on the device, but the same problem occurs. Remember, this device worked fine before the update, AND our other T700w user (who has not yet updated her device) continues to sync fine at all times.

    We have done several hard resets and clean Activesync server configs to ensure that there are no third party conflicts. We have also spoken with Verizon, Palm, and Verisign and still have no solution. We even asked Verizon to send a phone with the previous firmware. However, they said that all stock is, or is being, updated (which I find hard to believe). We may request a new unit anyway as we are out of ideas.

    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    After we spent a small fortune on our IT guy to troubleshoot this issue with Palm, Verizon and finally, Microsoft, it was concluded that the handset was bad. Verizon sent a unit that has the original firmware installed (eventhough they claimed handsets with the shipping firmware were no longer available) and everything has been working as expected.

    My user does not want to go through the process of the firmware update again (he is happy with a timed sync right now).

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