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    Hi guys, i just bought the treo 700 and am attending boston university. im not new to the forums, have been searching quite a while before but finally registered. Im going to be using the treo to get email/check ebay and craigslist auctions/posts, open word files/powerpoint and then play mp3's/dvd's. my questions are; i have a gmail email account - is there any way to forward emails from there to my phone once i recieve one? Also, are there any free programs that play full dvd's/manage memory/need alarm clock too heh....basically im just very inexperienced and was wondering what freebie aps i can get or what app has the most bang for the buck. anyway, thanks for any feedback/hopefully i wont get flamed too bad for posting this hehe. thanks
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    As far as your email, you can configure the Pocket Outlook to pull your POP 3 email to your phone.
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    as dimitri said - no need to forward email use pocket outlook to pull down your gmail via POP3.

    free dvd encoder - FairUse Wizard does an excellent job of re-sizing and encoding DVDs.

    free video player - TCPMP - best by far (I don't like Windows Media Player).

    free mp3 player - GS Player - once again, I don't like WMP.

    alarm clock - built into WM5 - Clocks/Alarm app does a nice job of handling various alarms.

    Some threads to check out:

    -Tonylmiller's guide to ripping DVDs to watch on a handheld for free using FairUse:

    It's for going to a 650, but the same basics can be used for the 700w (just change your resolutions if you want.)

    -Thread on 3rd party programs that work on the resolution of 700w:

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