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    I've noticed consistently that my phone wont answer incoming calls... It just keeps ringing no matter how many times i hit "Answer".. Anyone else experience this? Other than that - my phone works really well!
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    It happened once to me - just the other day. A friend had a similar problem on her Treo 600 so it sounds like a hardware glitch of some kind - she ended up exchanging her phone. I did a soft reset aftwerwards and phone has worked fine since. If it happens again I am bringing the phone back.
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    I had it happen a lot to me before i made the upgrade to the 1.10. Since then, it has been working like a charm. Not being able to answer the phone is byotch eh?
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    Same here, happened all the time before the update. It was soooooooo frustrating especially when you say, "Call me back in 5". 5 comes and goes and you can't answer your customer calling you.....not good.

    Haven't had a problem after the update, although I did link it to having an alert pending when the call came in. If the alert is not dismissed, there is a case where the call can't be answered. This was also an issue with battery charging.
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    Actually, this happens to me even after the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgtakahashi
    Actually, this happens to me even after the update.
    happens to me every once in a while. it a windows thing. I'm on the ppc6700
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    Before the update I had this happen frequently. Post-update it has only happened once (yesterday in fact). I did a soft-reset and it hasn't come back. Looks like they've improved the problem but it still exists.
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