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    I just recently got a replacement 700W, and it appears there are multiple spots that I have seen the wrong phone displayed on the phone. I.E.

    Menu - Preferences - Phone Settings

    The number is displayed at the top. Is there a way to change that so it appears with my phone number listed?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Does your phone work by calling your number? If not, VZ set it up wrong. Have you tried a *228 option 1?
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    Refurbished phone! Verizon needs to reconfigure it for you.
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    RedSoxFan is correct, you do have a refurb'ed phone. However; you don't have to go back to Verizon. Simply remove the battery cover, and with the stylus tip press the reset button (or perform a soft reset). When you phone powers back up, the number will be correct.
    As long as you perform a Soft Reset, you will not loose your data or settings.
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    When we got our 700w's, Verizon had programmed 2 of the 6 phones with the wrong phone number. They shouldn't use somebody with dyslexia for that job.

    We didn't notice it on the first phone and we went ahead and activated it. We could call out from the phone but the old phone on T-Mobile would receive the calls. We had to get them to make a change on their end. The second one we found before activating it, thanks to the first problem, and called them before we activated and got them to correct it.

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    actually a hard reset is necessary to fix this issue.


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