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    I am looking for software applications for my treo 700w to aid me in my travels in Italy. I will use Tom Tom for navigation.
    I need a good dictionary, or something that will dictate popular sayings. What else can I use?
    I am trying speero with no luck.
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    Me Too!!! Martiuk, when are you going? My wife and I are traveling in October.. I need some good apps as well.. What is Tom Tom? Could you send me a link?
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    I am going this weekend. Can't wait!

    Tom Tom is an awesome gps navigation software.
    I have a Holux GPSlim 236 gps device what works with tom tom.
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    Aside from GPS, you will find the following useful:

    WorldMate - Lots of useful stuff...from weather to currency and metric conversions.
    Yahoo! Answers
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