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    Hi - i'm new to this board and looking for some advice. I have just won a Treo 700w from my company for a sales incentive. I am looking to get it activated for internet/email only purposes. I do not want to use it for phone calls as I plan to stick with my regular cell phone. I have never owned a Treo before so i'm not exactly sure how the plans work. Two questions:

    1) Is it possible to get a plan that will allow me to access my Outlook email and Excel files along with internet access without a voice plan? I would probably need unlimited usage.

    2) Who provides the best/cheapest service if this is possible? I know my current provider (Verizon) has rather expensive plans. I was hoping that the service that I am looking for will only cost around $20/month since I already pay $60/month for my voice plan.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    As for the first question I don't no.

    But as for the second question, you can only go with Verizon for a 700w.

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