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    Are there any other types of screen protectors out there besides the "hazy" glare protected ones found here? I find that it is hard to see my screen during the day and it diminishes the visibility of the screen.
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    Try the different BoxWave screen protectors.
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    I also use the Boxwave clear touch and have tried the PPC Techs Write Shield C2.

    The boxwave was a little easier to install so that is what I use currently.
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    Agreed, Boxwave makes a nice product...what I use as well
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    I just applied the "Best Skins Ever" full-device protection, which has a screen protector. While I like the total-body protection, I find I do prefer the screen feel of the BoxWave SP I was using. I'll be removing the BSE screen portion and putting a BoxWave back on.
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    Thanks guys!!

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