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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I've been researching the 700w. I actually own a Dell Axim X5 which is about four years old. Now I want a phone where I can have a pda with it. The 700w looks like a great replacement since it also uses Windows Mobile which is what I'm familair with and also I can use the programs I've purchased to load it on the 700w also. My question is verizon always this expensive? I'm reviewing the plan and the cheapest it seems would be 49.95 for 600 minutes and another 44.99 for unlimited data usage. That is much more expensive than the setup I have right now from sprint which gives me 45.00 for 1000 minutes and 5 dollars for unlimited internet usage. Is there another plan or rebate out there that would give a better price or is this the norm?

    Also, the reason I got unlimited internet usage for 5 dollars was because at first I was paying 15 dollars for it. Then I decided it was too expensive so I called the Customer Service Representative to cancel it. When I was about to cancel, he came back saying what if we lower the price to five dollars. Well of course I took it.
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    You might want to wait for the Sprint version then. I think their unlimited data plan is still $15.

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