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    My inbox on my treo is really a junk mail folder for me. I have so many message rules, that the only stuff that ends up in my inbox is junk. I have a folder called "voicemails" that my work voicemails (they are emailed to me). I would love to have an email notification only when emails end up in that specific folder.

    Can i somehow manage this?

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    I just figured I would bump this.
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    I'm thinking that the first problem with this is that it is a gigantic pain to navigate around the folders in Outlook on your 700wx. At least it is on mine. Apparently the 750 makes it easier to move around, and I think I remember seeing a fix for the 700w/wx that brought the 750's capabilities to the w/wx.

    After that, I don't see anything in Pocket Outlook that gives you this ability. Nor do I know of any third party software that lets you do alarms based on different folders.

    Chatter had stuff like this for my 650.
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    Check that out, the short story is to download & install mortscript, then download the script. If you use the side button for voicecommand (as i do), you can use the "multiscript" hannip wrote, that allows you to keep the side button for voice command & when Outlook is open, the side button opens the folder view (similar to the 750).

    its stylus free. Really a sweet bit of functionality that Hannip brought to the w/wx

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