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    Due to my job, I travelling between various Asia-Pacific countries at least once a week. I carry 3 phones (1 for GSM (Treo600), 1 for Korea, 1 for Japan). I understand that Treo700 is 3G right? So GSM Treo700 should be able to work in Japan and/or Korea for voice and/or email?

    Your answer is much appreciated.
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    no, it won't work.
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    Yeah when they come out with an unlocked GSM phone it can but as of right now there are only CDMA treo 700s on the market.
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    The treo will only work in CDMA roaming areas. The IDIAL service would have to be added to your account. You can't use data, only voice. Here is the link to the list of countries that have CDMA roaming:

    It does not include Korea or Japan, but may cover a couple of other areas you travel to. Hope this helps.
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    it does include korea: its listed as South Korea
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    oh and it works fine, i used it in Taiwan, and it worked great. No data though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence.c.lee
    it does include korea: its listed as South Korea

    Ooops, I breezed right past that. Forgot there was a North and a South.

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