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    Is it even possible to send Signed Encrypted Email through Mail2Web or 4smartphones. I would like to be able to send an encrypted or at least signed email to a few co-workers and haven't figured out if it's possible through one of the "hosted" services.

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    possible? they support it? don't know.
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    I finally got the Email Signing to work but not Encryption, it still gives the error that there is not valid certificate available. Which isn't right since I wouldn't be able to Sign it if there wasn't. Mail2Web says in their documentation that they DO support Email Encryption but only with their Business Exchange plans ($8/mo). I'm guessing when you sign up for that you have access to the Global Address List and it lets you store your keys on their system for Encryption. The other really dumb thing is I can Send and Encrypted Email from my desktop Outlook and receive it and view it on the 700w, I just cant reply as an Encrypted email, just Signed. Strange that it works one way but not the other. I guess it's since the outgoing Public Key isn't on Mail2Webs server. Any thoughts?


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