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    I have a question re Outlook Exchange. I can get by for the most part with ActiveSync pushing new just email through EVDO, however at times I need to access all the Outlook folders on my office computer. For that I am assuming I'd need to connect to Exchange Server (like I would in a hotel business center for example). Can I access this on a 700w through regular web access via EVDO, and would this be fast enough to navigate through folders etc? Or would I need the web access speeds of wifi (via a Palm wifi card)? Can I even access Outlook's Exchange Server on the 700w via either EVDO or Wifi?
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    Webmail using EVDO works just fine. It actually has PDA-optimized funcionality.
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    ask your admin to enable OMA if you want to browse all your folders with IE can also do it with Outlook Mobile directly.
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    Thanks for the reply. Is the speed of EVDO sufficient to make satisfactory use of regular Outlook functions, such as moving mail into folders, browsing older mail in other folders etc?

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