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    Does anybody know how to download a cab file from the internet explorer web browser directing on the treo? I know the treo is runing IE 4, trying to download the cab file for macromedia flash player, but everytime i try to download the file, it doesn't ask me to save, and it continues to bring up another page with just garbage.

    anybody have an answer?


    PS, how do you guys like the windows mobile 5 vs. palm os?
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    I'm trying this too, on a VX6700, same deal, for some reason IE tries to display it as text instead of downloading as a file. I think this is in fact due to a misconfiguration by Adobe, or at least it could be resolved by some additional configuration. In any case, you could download the file using your pc then copy it over using the sync cable and then install it by clicking it in the file manager. I plan to do this myself.

    As for your second question, I much like Windows Mobile. I pretty much liked Palm, too. I'd used it on 3 previous Treos. And in fact, I can't think of anything I do with Windows Mobile that I didn't do with Palm. Both have wide software support. Palm actually seems to support one handed use better and in some cases it takes less clicks or navigation to do something, but Windows Mobile supports more features and is more configurable.
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    I download cab files all of the time on my 700w but on occasion I've experienced the IE display instead. I think it is not limited to WM5 since it has happened also on my WM2003 device.

    Ditto on jwindsurfer's reply on Palm vs WM. If Slingplayer and Skype was supported, I'd consider a Treo 700p.
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    I've seen this happen on Windows and Linux browsers also. jwindsurfer is correct. It is a misconfiguration of the mimetype for that file on the web page.
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    Just to illuminate hannip's response, this is a server-side issue -- not a problem with the Treo. The server is telling your browser it's a text of HTML file and to display it as such (instead of telling it that it's a binary file and should be saved to memory).

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    I ran into an issue last night where I needed to download a cab file after a hard reset, and I was unable, drove me nuts, I had all my other cab installs on my card except that one, I had to wait till I got home to do anything. There has to be some way to set the WM to download cab files.
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    binary files in Pocket PC browsers are treated as textual files... you need to download a program such as Spb Pocket Plus to be able to download CAB files. Also you can get the cab file by searching through your cache...

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    Hmmmmm. I use PIE to download binary files with only a rare problem.

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